How to Reduce Friction for Your Customers with AI

Every week over the past year, I have had the pleasure of talking to executive leadership across large enterprise customers about the possibility and power of artificial intelligence. There is so much excitement and fanfare around what AI can do for businesses that many organizations get caught up in building machine learning models that will change the world by doing something that has never been done before. Such as create a new machine learning model to improve how insurance is provided or how loans are underwritten or how customers are acquired.

In this article, I want to share with you the #1 thing that you can do with Applied AI today, that will help create happier customers, build trust and create lifelong relationships, ultimately providing increased revenue.

Check out this quick explainer video that talks about how Machine Learning can be used to cut insurance premiums.’

Building models, from scratch, to solve these problems is not only difficult, it takes a special set of resources in your organization and takes considerable time to build. What I share with executives is that there are many other use cases that can move the needle for the business that do not require this intense resource (data and human) commitment (while needed and important for some solutions).