How I Use AI Everyday And You Might Be Surprised to Find Out That You Do Too!

In this article I will share how I use AI on a daily basis, and how you might be surprised to realize you can too! I will cover voice assistants, PowerPoint Designer, Translator, Excel, and Mixed Reality in Windows 10.

I start most days talking to a computer. Whether its Alexa to give me my Morning Briefing, Siri to call my husband or give me directions to work, or Cortana to describe the craziness of my day ahead, using natural language to make my life easier has become more and more common. Now I am joined by millions of others who have Alexa, Cortana, Google Home or Apple Home as a way of improving their daily lives. Alexa and Cortana are good friends these days, making it easier for you to connect your work life with your home life.

I also speak on stage, deliver presentations and almost always need to mess around with slides. I usually cringe when I realize that I have to create my own deck. The main reason? I have zero design skills. Could I have spent time perfecting my skills, and taking classes to do this better? Sure I could have, but this is part of the beauty of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

AI improves the ingenuity of the individual, me in this case. It allows us to be better at what we want to do. When I discovered AI in PowerPoint for example, it instantly made me a better presenter. I am now able to use AI to create more engaging presentations that are drawn from all the data PowerPoint knows about how we have been building presentations for the past 20 years.