Build a Conversational Interface (bot) in Minutes With This Tool!

There is no way to create engaging, effective and long term voice user experiences in minutes with any tool.

User experience takes time, effort and expertise.

One thing I have noticed is that in order for a project to get to the point where it can afford the user testing and research it will need to be successful, it will have to get executive support.

One of the most effective ways to gain executive support is to build something useful, collect data and show quick wins. That is what this video is sharing. If you can create a demo, get some internal users, get data on how they like it, go through some iterations and show positive progress, you will be able to garner the executive support you will need to be successful!

The best part about Proof Of Concepts (POC) like this is that you don’t have to throw them away and start over when you are ready to begin. They can evolve naturally into a production scale application, if you build them right.